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The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as well as other oriental philosophies looks at human beings as a microcosmos of the nature, whereas nature and the universe is seen as the macrocosmos. All within us is interconnected with each other, nothing is separated - neither inside of ourselves nor outside.

An imbalance in a part of our system can therefore quickly lead to effects in  other parts of our body or even the whole body and so lead to illness and discomforts - from minor to more serious issues.
Using TCM knowledge we look at the problem you have together from a different perspective as our western medicine does and so try to find out the root reason of your problem, not only looking at the current issue but also looking laterally to find things impacting your current issue.



     Examples for fields of application are:

Chronic and acute pain, e.g. migraine, back pain
Problems with menstruation and menopause
Accompanying pregnancy
Treatment of children - also without needles using tuning forks
Accompanying medical treatment e.g. hypertension
Problems with digestion and weight
Fertility issues
Support and facilitation after operations
Sooth cicatrices

And much more….

TCM is a great tool for HEALTH PREVENTION. In former times (now long ago) chinese doctors would be paid when the clients were healthy but not when the clients were ill. Now things have changed but still TCM is a beautiful method to strengthen your immune system and your whole body.

How does a treatment work?

1. Intensive anamnesis (talking, looking, listening, feeling)

2. Tounge diagnosis

3. Puls diagnosis

4. Treatment with needles and/or tuning forks (needles stay for around 20 minutes)

5. Accompanying treatment tools:

    - Moxa

    - Cupping/Guasha

    - Nutritional recommendations

-> Duration of the 1st session: ca. 90min

-> Duration of next sessions: between 45 and 60 min

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