»Only in a silent pond the light of the stars can be seen.«


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Massages are a wonderful instrument to balance our body, mind and soul using our skin - our most important barrier that separates but also connects outside from inside and vice versa. And not only the skin is a sensible part of our body and an access point to the inner alchemy. On the back that I am mostly starting my massages with we find many acupuncture and trigger points that not only give us access to the muscles but their potential also reaches up to the inner organs and deep cells. And finally also have a connection to our emotions.

Massages relieve muscular tensions and blockages and thus help us to relax after stressful days, weeks, even years. They get our Qi flowing more equilibrated.

My massages are inspired by different formations (Tuina, Aryuvedic massage, energetic massage, Thai Yoga massage and reflexology), experience and simply love for massages.

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I work not only with my hands but also with SOUND.

Special tuning forks are used in different points of the body that are also used in acupuncture. The tuning forks are specifically tuned to cosmic frequencies. The vibrations and sounds use our body water to reach down to the smallest cells and so have a really deep healing and balancing effect.

And I am sure that all of you have at least once felt the power that music has on our body - variying from agitation to meditation and relaxation.

An experience you should not miss.

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